A Year In The Making!!!!

Posted by Norman Gatson on

In another 5 days will mark the one year anniversary of my clothing line. Business is still growing and I am blessed to be where I stand within a year of entrepreneurship. To my clothing manufacturer in California & my shoe manufacturer in Italy it has been a journey and I'm beyond thankful for your commitment to my quality brand. Special thanks to my shoe maker who has been through hell with me over the past numerous months of sending contract after contract back to fulfill both sides needs. Finally we are closing in on something promising and I look forward to seeing how far we go. Not only has the Alotofit  brand sold in the USA but also Germany, Serbia, China, Canada, & Australia to name a few. Don't be fooled a clothing line is more than just a logo pressed on a t-shirt. To all my family, friends, customers who have supported me since day 1 whether through a purchase a share or a like I humbly appreciate each one of you. One thing I do know is without you all this doesn't exist period. There is still tons of work to do and countless ways to improve. This year we have new products and new designs a new website etc underway. I also look to keep a significant on hand supply of products for immediate delivery for you who hate to shop online and l hope to see you reppin soon! Thank you all for your support!!!!!! 💯

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